Born in Paradise: Memoirs of Old Hawaii

If you have ever dreamed of Hawaii, awake or asleep, then read this book and it will come alive for you. If you have ever wondered if there was more to Hawaii than Mai Tais, beaches and whale watching, read this treasure of a book. Even if you already live here, and love Hawaii, read this book and you can experience what Maui was like 100 years ago, from the perspective of an amazing woman with a truly amazing family history. This is the autobiography of Armine von Tempski, born on the island of Maui in 1892.

Walk with her in the ancient, haunted gardens of the queens of Hawaii. See through her eyes the panorama of life in Hawaii in 1900, so beautiful, so free, and so exciting for a young girl whose father runs the biggest ranch on Maui, and whose grandfather was a national hero in New Zealand.

Published in 1940, when there were practically no women writers in America, this remarkable memoir is a stirring and passionate tribute to Armine's family and friends, and gives us rare insight into early island life.


Book Narration coming soon, contact Lisa for details.

Born in Paradise